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Buy your bulls from a cattleman, not a salesman

Pentire Angus founder Justin Richards feels strongly about this

Justin believes it takes generations of selective breeding and culling to develop quality genetics and avoid “one-hit wonders”. Top-quality females are an absolute necessity. They provide structural soundness, docility, length, thickness, and muscle. A true cattleman lives in their cows and bulls from the time they are born, watching them grow and develop from day one. A true cattleman knows what is working and what is not working. Most importantly, a true cattleman uses the very best of genetics to benefit your herd and help you make money.

Why choose Pentire Angus?

We use the best outcross genetics from across the world, which provide a point of difference to the majority of the Australian Angus population. These genetics have the ability to add carcass shape, thickness, easy-doing qualities, and outstanding phenotype. In the long term, they leave you with an excellent line of great-looking, fertile, and functional replacement females.
Our annual sales present our top-quality bulls in excellent condition. It allows you, as the potential buyer, to view them and see their genetic merit to the fullest. Each one of our bulls are ready to go straight to work for you and your herd.

Our Pentire Angus bulls will go out and breed phenotypically great looking cattle that will take your herds, and the industry in general, forward. We consider them an asset to the modern market, especially as they reduce production costs for our clients. A highly efficient production system does not mean low inputs. On the contrary, we believe the best way to achieve a low production cost is to increase output.  This means optimising every individual animal’s performance on each hectare of land we have.We are stacking the genetic gains in client herds for massive productivity gains. To make what we do in this challenging industry worthwhile, we require bulls with excellent structure, muscle, yield, efficiency, and fabulous good looks.

Maternal strength of the Pentire Angus cow herd

We create maternal strength through the breeding of fertile, functional females. They have in-built longevity, exceptional structure, appealing temperament, udder quality, feed efficiency, and a strong constitution. 


Longevity has great economic importance for beef cattle producers. Increased costs associated with the early removal of a female from the herd include young heifer development cost, lower productivity of younger cows, especially first calvers compared to mature cows. Improving longevity allows beef producers to cull a cow for voluntary reasons (low producers, calf weaning weight, calving ease, phenotype, milking ability and doing ability) rather than involuntary reasons (death, lameness, fertility, etc).


This is an indicator of longevity and the animal's ability to forage travel from water. Bulls can serve cows and have a very productive life.


This is paramount in any beef cattle operation for the handler's health and safety. Great temperament generally makes our lives much more comfortable and more enjoyable. Doing what we love doing.


Refer to the picture below of Pentire Pride H36 who displays a 10 out of 10 for udder quality. You get fewer suckling problems with newborn calves, fewer mastitis issues; this relates to the animal's longevity.


The ability to convert grass into high-quality beef. We are helping to keep our cost of production low. We all know how much and how rare fodder was to get during the drought.


The ability to survive with whatever the environment throws at them, not only just that, the ability to thrive in the good times.

Common sense meets cattle sense

We raise easy-care, low-maintenance, and highly efficient cows at Goorangoola, 40km north of Singleton in the NSW Hunter Valley. Our cows have the constitution to survive in the most challenging grazing environments and the ability to thrive in good times, producing great looking, heavy sappy calves. 

Common sense and cattle sense is the approach we use to breed top-quality lots for our Annual Pentire Angus Sale, the second Saturday in August. 

We place foot quality, udder quality, longevity, fertility, structure, thickness of the top line, and muscle at the forefront of our breeding. We know the effects they have on our bottom line if left unchecked. And it sure affects you, our clients’, bottom line as well. A great deal of experience backs this common sense and cattle sense as we thoughtfully guide our knife when selecting the young bulls. 

HF Alcatraz 60F sold for $200,000 at the Hamilton Farms 24th Annual Bull Sale near Calgary, in Canada. All who laid eyes on him admired him, especially those attending the National Western Stock Show in Denver 2019 and 2020. Alcatraz has tremendous width in his top from behind his shoulders back to his pins and finishes off with a wide butt exhibiting excellent muscle shape. He has that proud herd bull look to his front end, plenty of crest and power with a nicely shaped head accompanied by perfect feet and leg structure.

Pentire Angus relies on these key words when selecting and breeding top-quality cattle

We create maternal strength through the breeding of fertile, functional females. They have in-built longevity, exceptional structure, appealing temperament, udder quality, feed efficiency, and a strong constitution. 


Upholding strong values and morals of the Pentire Angus program. Representing the Pentire Angus breeding objectives.


Of the heifers that do well go in calf early and then grow into awesome cows that produce top quality progeny. And rinse and repeat with each generation.


Of structure, body shape, walking effortlessly, standing.

Eye Appeal

Has that "look at me" style, showing good looks, etc.


Be able to survive the tough times and thrive in the good times. Mainly on pasture-based diets. A good indication of efficiency from my observation is soft coated, well-muscled cattle that shed their coats early when spring arrives.

Common Sense

Approach is used to decide which female stays or goes. Or which bull remains as a bull or gets the scalpel.

Taking herds into the future

We use our knowledge of the Angus breed’s efficiency, doing ability, and constitution, and combine it with the maternal strength and carcass shape of the Pentire herd. We complement this with the appropriate outcross genetics to take our clients’ herds, and the industry in general, forward. These are cattle that can thrive on grass and stack the genetic gain in clients’ herds, reducing the costs of production and adding massive productivity gains.

Justin Richards

Pentire Angus owner-operator wandering with the cows