Maternal Strength of the Pentire Angus cow herd

Nov 28, 2021

At Pentire Angus, we believe the maternal strength in our herd is created through the breeding of fertile, functional females with their built-in longevity, exceptional structure, appealing temperament, udder quality, feed efficiency and a strong constitution.


Longevity has great economic importance for beef cattle producers. Increased costs associated with the early removal of a female from the herd include young heifer development cost, lower productivity of younger cows, especially first calvers compared to mature cows. Improving longevity allows beef producers to cull a cow for voluntary reasons (low producers, calf weaning weight, calving ease, phenotype, milking ability and doing ability) rather than involuntary reasons (death, lameness, fertility, etc).


This is an indicator of longevity and the animal’s ability to forage travel from water. Bulls can serve cows and have a very productive life.


This is paramount in any beef cattle operation for the handler’s health and safety. Great temperament generally makes our lives much more comfortable and more enjoyable. Doing what we love doing.


Refer to the picture below of Pentire Pride H36 who displays a 10 out of 10 for udder quality. You get fewer suckling problems with newborn calves, fewer mastitis issues; this relates to the animal’s longevity.


The ability to convert grass into high-quality beef. We are helping to keep our cost of production low. We all know how much and how rare fodder was to get during the drought.


The ability to survive with whatever the environment throws at them, not only just that, the ability to thrive in the good times. Easy care, low maintenance and highly efficient cows are raised in Goorangoola, 40 km north of Singleton, Hunter Valley NSW. Our cows have the constitution to survive in the most challenging grazing environments and the ability to thrive in good times, producing great looking, heavy sappy calves.

Common-sense and cattle sense is the approach we use to breed top-quality cattle for our Annual Pentire Angus Sale, the second Saturday in August.

With foot quality, udder quality, longevity, fertility, structure, thickness of the top line and muscle at the forefront of our breeding, the above mentioned positively affects the Pentire Angus bottom line if left unchecked. And it sure affects you, our client’s bottom line also. Common sense and cattle sense backed by a great deal of experience guides our knife when thoughtfully selecting the young bulls.