Thank You Pentire Angus Reaches $22000

Sep 15, 2021

Thank you for all your Support of the Pentire Angus breeding program at the 9th Annual Sale on the 14th of August 2021.

Were the first Australian progeny of HF Alcatraz 60F topped the 9th Annual Pentire Angus sale held at Greenmount Singleton NSW.

Both the Top-Priced Bull and the Top-Priced Heifer of the sale were the progeny of HF Alcatraz 60F. Interest in the Alcatraz 60F progeny was one of the many reasons 136 people were logged onto the sale through the online platform Auctions plus with 222 bids coming in from Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. They were also having 4000 presale catalogue views on Auctions Plus. Along with 30 registered bidders on the farm. Despite the Singleton Local Government Area being in lockdown with the ongoing covid-19. The sale was an outstanding success with a total clearance of 21 bulls and 18 registered heifers and Charlie the donkey. Being sold from Queensland, Victoria and throughout NSW, including out to Coolah back to the coast at Lansdowne up to Walcha New England Region and continued strong local Support with many of whom were repeat buyers. They proved that Pentire Angus Genetics perform in a great range of environments, with their added muscle, constitution, doing ability and performance, and the tremendous maternal attributes of the females left in their herds for future years.

The Top Price Lot 8 Pentire Rome R22 the first son of HF Alcatraz 60F to be sold in Australia. Rome R22 weighed in at an impressive 610kg at only 12 months of age. Sold for a New Stud Record of $22000 to the Cook family of Barana Coolah central west NSW Simmental and Angus breeders. He was attending the sale, explicitly chasing the Alcatraz genetics. After seeing Rome on Auctions plus. Mr Cook said he has been looking for a new sire, and Rome R22 fits the bill with his overall length and depth of body, softness, carcase attributes, and a strong head and muzzle. He certainly took my eye on Auctions Plus when I looked at him on the website, he is by a new outcross sire, and out of a magnificent dam, Mr Cook told the land newspaper. I consider Rome R22 an outstanding individual and perhaps the best sire to be offered to date in the Pentire Angus Annual Sales. Rome is a very thick and influential sire whilst being very sound and structurally correct. And comes from a very consistent dam in Pentire pride H36.

The next best price for the bulls of $17000 was Melinda’s impressive sire Pentire Quick Silver Q15. He is sired by the USA Bull in S PowerPoint WS 5503. Q15 Having a great skin and hair type, very easy doing type of bull with plenty of fat covers and extraordinary pre-sale weight of 866kg (3 weeks short of his 2nd birthday). He was purchased by Goorangoola Pas Co, who also purchased the next lot in Pentire Quantum Leap Q19, $14000 sired S PowerPoint out of the ever consistent dam Pentire Pride H36. Q19 is just the absolute powerhouse of a sire weighing in at 946kg, exhibiting the remarkable skin and hair that Powerpoint has been transmitting to his progeny in the Pentire Angus breeding program. Goorangoola Pas Co purchased a third son, S PowerPoint WS 5503 son in Pentire Queasy Q18 $14000 a heifers first calf of Pentire Margret N57. He had so much thickness, softness and power, and excellent body depth and weighed an impressive 850kg. I cannot wait to see the resulting progeny of these three very impressive sires at Goorangoola Pas Co. Mr Bower from Goorangoola Pastoral Co commented that he needed some sires to join his herd as he is looking to breed steers for the antibiotic-free markets into the future. We have purchased from Pentire for the last few years because they are great local bulls, acclimatised to the local area, and ready to go. Congratulations to Goorangoola Pastoral Co for purchasing these great value sons of S Powerpoint, or were they cheap? Considering two sons of S, PowerPoint sold for $130,000 and $100,000 sale prices soon after.

I Bower, another Goorangoola district landholder, purchased 2 bulls Pentire Quest Q40 for $12000 a son of Mt Hunter Magistrate M5 weighing at a very impressive 856kg at only 22 months old. A more prominent framed sire with lots of thickness and softness with the ability to finish efficiently on pasture. Also purchasing Pentire Quickstop Q39 for $10000, being a favourite of mine this year. I had Quickstop Q39 semen collected in the lead up to the sale for use within the Pentire Angus herd. To introduce Q39 beautiful phenotype great carcase shape, soft coat and b muscle score into the Pentire Angus breeding program. I find traits that are not readily available in the one genetic package within the Angus breed

Pentire Rudolph R5 $13000 is heading to First-time buyers Dean Wood and Joe Berry of Buri West Walcha up on the New England Region and weighing in at 662kg, equal heaviest of the 17/18-month-old sires. To join their wonderful herd of females (the 1st calvers I saw when I delivered R5 were impressive). Pentire Rudolph R5 will compliment them nicely with his softness, thickness, body depth, and maternal background.

Scott Robson and the family of Lostock also purchased two sires for their herd. With first being the heaviest muscled bull in the sale Pentire Quirky Q29 $11000 weighing a credible 786kg 23months, with great strength of the spine and very soft coat. Their Next purchase is Pentire Roberto R14 $10000 equal heaviest of the 17/18-month-old bulls exhibiting tremendous length, thickness, the strength of the spine.

Inchbold Farming purchased two sires for their Yarrawonga Victoria-based operation Pentire Rover R8 $10000 and Pentire Quince Q37 $7000 with their great traditional Angus qualities of extra thickness, carcase shape and earlier maturity patterns suited to their operation.

Stiks Holdings Singleton purchased two sires of great value in Pentire Quintessential Q34 $5000, a natural calf of donor Pentire Leah L36, the dam of the top-priced heifer Pentire Leah R36. She was also pictured on the back cover of the catalogue. And Pentire Ricardo R17 $6000 who is a full brother to last year top price heifer in Pentire Evilest Q1 $4250. Some very astute purchasing.

The top-priced heifer was the HF Alcatraz 60F daughter Pentire Leah R36 $8500 who sold to repeat clients Mathew (Frosty, so I know whom I am talking about) and Kel Frost Willow Tree, whose excellent dam Pentire Leah L36, who is pictured on the back cover of the catalogue with Pentire Leah R36 at the side. I am so looking forward to seeing Leah in the show ring in the future, so exciting.

Siobhan Caitling Denman purchased four very nice heifers, including the second top price heifer Pentire Leah R18 $7000 has an extraordinary presence of an honest matron in the making, having the extra length of the body, extra thickness and different carcase shape that I like and prefer in the Pentire Angus breeding program. Next on Siobhan’s shopping list was Pentire Evilest R6 $6500 by Alto Highlander H6, having lots of natural presence, depth of body, extra thickness, the extra length of body and lots of Angus breed character. Pentire Margret R10 $6500 the beautifully thick made daughter of MT Hunter Magistrate M5 and last and indeed not least purchased the baby butter box of a heifer in Pentire Gretel R42 $4500.

Volume purchaser of the heifers was Steve Little of Pittsworth Queensland, Purchasing five lots. Which included Pentire Lavish R7 $6000 excellent type of heifer sired by Mt Hunter Magistrate M5 had been AI to HF Alcatraz 60F. Next on his list of astute buying was Pentire Evilest R35 $4000 is a beautifully made heifer with the Pentire thickness through her stifle and top-line. Also, Evilest R35 is out of the same dam as Pentire Quick Stop Q39. Also on his shopping list was Pentire Laura R38 $4000, a natural calf of my HF Prowler 43U donor cow Pentire Laura M35, displaying extra thickness, growth and softness in an excellent young female. These females will be a great addition to Steve’s sons stud herd.

Algie family purchased five females. The soft as butter, growth and thick made Pentire Heather R37 $4000. One of the favourites Pentire Pride R20 $4000 with her extra length of the body, great depth of thigh of this exceptional Pentire Angus female.

They also purchased Charlie the donkey $3250 as a guardian for their exceptional line of heifers.