Welcome to the Pentire Angus 11th Annual Sale and Happy Buying

Jun 28, 2023

Time sure goes by quickly between the Pentire Angus annual sales.

So welcome to the 11th Annual Sale and I am excited to be hosting once again. Many new and exciting things have happened at Pentire Angus in the past 12 months. We imported our first 7 Hamilton Farms Canadian embryo calves born last spring and summer. Sires were Poss Maverick (sire of the popular Texas Iceman), HA Cowboy Up 5405 and Schiefelbein Showman 338. Dams were of the calibre of HF Mayflower 191Z (dam of HF Alcatraz 60F).

Then came the exciting purchase of HF Tibbie 21J in partnership with Target Livestock and Marketing from the Angus Collection Volume X sale in Oldhes Canada for $CAD40,000. Tibbie 21J will be the next big step for genetic progression for both the Pentire Angus and Target Livestock programs, offering generations of proven quality and performance throughout her pedigree. She is a young female that combines unparalleled phenotypic appeal and maternal excellence that will progress the Pentire Angus herd. I am incredibly grateful for such a wonderful opportunity and cannot thank Monique from Target Livestock and Marketing, and Rob and Gail Hamilton from Hamilton Farms Canada enough for their support and encouragement in this new endeavour.

Pentire Angus held a phenomenally successful open day on 2 June 2023, with more than 60 people attending the auctions that also included some demos. Thanks to Jason Bower, Ben Crowe from Glenfaba Kelpies for his working dog demo, and Brooke from the Last Stop donkey program. also a very special mention to guest vender in this years sale Bureen Cattle Co for having their Charolais bulls on display. Keep an eye out for the 2024 open day next June.

Our job is to breed outstanding cattle and supply the markets with what they want. It starts with bull selection. The 30 bulls in this catalogue will sire thicker, bigger butted, muscular toplined calves, enabling you to make more dollars on your sale day.

Timing is everything, and Monday 14 August 2023 is the day to prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead. Pentire Angus offers 31 years of commitment to breeding the absolute best we possibly can. Hopefully there will be many more years and generations ahead. Quality Pentire Angus genetics will put you and your cattle in the best position to take advantage of the markets and seasons. We have diligently researched the genetics up for sale and carefully planned the mating’s so they can add carcass shape, thickness, efficient doing ability, and outstanding phenotype.

In the long term it will provide you with an excellent line of great-looking, fertile, functional females. Pentire Angus presents top quality bulls each year through the annual sale in perfect condition, enabling buyers to view them and their genetic merit to the fullest. Each Pentire Angus bull is ready to go straight to work for you and your herd. This is the evenest, thickest, and most potent draft of Pentire Angus breed character and type we have presented. I can confidently describe this catalogue of bulls as the best-ever produced back end to the Pentire Angus annual sale.

I am so grateful and incredibly proud of the many success stories Pentire Angus genetics have achieved over the past 12 months. Please call me and let me know of any success stories you have using Pentire Angus genetics. I would love to hear and share them. If you need any help selecting a bull or would like to view the bulls, give me a call. I am grateful to the many supporters of the Pentire Angus program, whether you have purchased, helped, or followed what we do here at Pentire Angus.

Thank you. It is truly appreciated,

Justin Richards